The History Of Fire Works!

Did you know that the Chinese were the 1st to invent fireworks.  It was started way back in the 12th Century to scare away the evil spirits.  It started back in the Ninja days where the pressure of there grip form the fine partical to form gun powder.   The holiday for the Chinese fireworks last weeks is basically what it sounds like.  Chinese New year.

The Chinese republic is the largest manufacturer of fireworks in the world.  In fact the export more fireworks in than everyone in the world.  They’re the number 1 the world.

Do you know what country has the longest fireworks display…..nope not the US.  Not UK……nope thought china.   The town with the longest fireworks displace in a small town in Norway.  The town is called sogne.  Thy had more than 500,000 pieces of fireworks.  Hour and a half full display


Many different countries will celebrate the with fireworks.  However there is one country where it is illegal own, posses, or use.  Guess what country…..Ireland.  Like the US we turn away more easily during the firework season.

In the UK they  have a very large firework celebration during the NOV 5th date.  The night celebrated is called Guy Fawkes night.  This was the night the of the foiling of the Catholic Gunpower Plot.

Did you know that in the early times of fireworks they used the inside of the bark.  They received the bark for the trees that were cut down by