Fireworks about last post

It is getting to that time of year again.  The days of summer are super hot and the 4th of July is right around the corner.  Back in the day when I still found fireworks exciting we used to spend our money on 2 different types of fire works.  Those were fire crackers and bottle rockets.   I lived in a rural town in northern Iowa so we had lots of space.  The exciting part of what we use to have wars with all the neighbor kids.

Yes I know not the smartest thing to do, but we wouldn’t have any other way.  Although fire crackers didn’t make for a great weapon because of the short range radius they did however make for the ultimate stealth scare.  The best we could do to get a laugh was throw behind someone when they weren’t looking.  If you could get them a definitely was better than a good shot with a bottle rocket.

Fire crackers were used as a small TNT to blow stuff up.  We would put them in every crevice we can find and lite it up and hope for a great explosion and destruction.  If we could find a good ant hill forget about it.

Bottle rockets look out. We took the bottle out of bottle rockets.  We would just lite them and throw.  The best challenge was throwing them down the street and getting them to skip on the road.   Just like a rock on a lake.

We kept out fireworks simple.  We only had so much money so we had to utilize what little we had.   And fireworks and bottle rockets was the best return on investment because of the hours of adventure we could get in with them.


The History Of Fire Works!

Did you know that the Chinese were the 1st to invent fireworks.  It was started way back in the 12th Century to scare away the evil spirits.  It started back in the Ninja days where the pressure of there grip form the fine partical to form gun powder.   The holiday for the Chinese fireworks last weeks is basically what it sounds like.  Chinese New year.

The Chinese republic is the largest manufacturer of fireworks in the world.  In fact the export more fireworks in than everyone in the world.  They’re the number 1 the world.

Do you know what country has the longest fireworks display…..nope not the US.  Not UK……nope thought china.   The town with the longest fireworks displace in a small town in Norway.  The town is called sogne.  Thy had more than 500,000 pieces of fireworks.  Hour and a half full display


Many different countries will celebrate the with fireworks.  However there is one country where it is illegal own, posses, or use.  Guess what country…..Ireland.  Like the US we turn away more easily during the firework season.

In the UK they  have a very large firework celebration during the NOV 5th date.  The night celebrated is called Guy Fawkes night.  This was the night the of the foiling of the Catholic Gunpower Plot.

Did you know that in the early times of fireworks they used the inside of the bark.  They received the bark for the trees that were cut down by